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Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream

Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream

Betamethasone Dipropionate

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Betamethasone Dipropionate is a strong corticosteroid used in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, allergies, and rashes. Betamethasone helps in reducing the swelling, itching and redness that occur in these types of skin conditions. It actually helps in depressing the formation, release, and activity of different cells and chemicals that cause these skin conditions.

How Betamethasone Dipropionate acts?

Betamethasone is a glucocorticoid receptor agonist. This leads to changes in genetic expression once this complex binds to the GRE. The anti-inflammatory actions of corticosteroids are thought to involve lipocortin, phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins which, through inhibition arachidonic acid, control the biosynthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes. The immune system is suppressed by corticosteroids due to a decrease in the function of the lymphatic system, a reduction in immunoglobulin and complement concentrations, the precipitation of lymphocytopenia, and interference with antigen-antibody binding. Betamethasone binds to plasma transcortin, and it becomes active when it is not bound to transcortin.

There are some side effects likely to occur while using this cream such as burning, itching, irritation, dryness at the application site, stretch marks, skin discoloration, acne and unwanted hair growth.  

Dosage information for Betamethasone Dipropionate:

Betamethasone Dipropionate cream is available at 0.05% concentration in 10g and 20g tubes.  Wash your hands properly before and after applying the cream. Apply a small amount of the cream to the affected area. Gently, rub the medicine until it is evenly distributed. If you missed the dose of applying the cream, apply as soon as you remember.  Do not use an excess amount of the cream at once as it may cause overdose effects such as skin rashes and burning sensation on the skin.

Contraindications of Betamethasone Dipropionate:

There are some contraindications in which Betamethasone Dipropionate cream is not to be used such as-

  • Avoid using this cream if you are hypersensitive to any of its active and inactive ingredient
  • Do not use this cream during pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Do not use any other type of corticosteroid while using this medication

Drug Interactions of Betamethasone Dipropionate:

Combining topical steroids with topical anthralin may increase psoriasis symptoms. Therefore, topical steroids should be discontinued 1 week before starting anthralins.

Storage Conditions of Betamethasone Dipropionate:

Store this cream at room temperature; keep away from sunlight and moisture. Keep out of reach from children and pets.

Precautionary measures of Betamethasone Dipropionate:

There are some precautionary measures to be kept in mind while using Betamethasone Dipropionate cream such as-

  • Betamethasone Dipropionate cream is used for external use only. Do not touch the cream with eyes
  • Avoid using any herbal or dietary supplements while using this cream
  • Do not apply any type of bandage on the affected area
  • Keep away the affected part from sunlight in order to avoid the sun burn
  • Do not cover the affected part with any type of cloth after applying the cream 

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