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Birth Control

It entirely depends on a woman to become a mother of a child or to avoid it. Almost all women and men can have control over when, and if, they become parents of the child. However, the condition of every woman is not similar. Many man and woman have career related issues; many have academic issues, and job related problems. Due to these circumstances, a woman decides to prevent pregnancy. Avoiding pregnancy is an important decision; a woman always should choose best and effective method.

Birth control pills are one of the most commonly used medications throughout the world because it is easy to use. Birth control pills are effective and successful medication shows very few unwanted effects in some individuals. Usually, birth control pills are made up of synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones. It a causes alteration of the endometrium to make it inappropriate for implantation and changes the cervical mucus membrane, due to this action sperm is not able to reach in the uterus.

Birth control pills are available as 21-pill or a 28-pill package that are marketed under different brand names in the market. Here are the following brand names that are available at our online website such as:

Plan B, Unwanted 72, Yasmin, Ovral G, Ovral L, Dronis, Yaz, Mircette, Femilon, Dianette, Norethindrone, and Norethisterone.

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