Epilepsy is an abnormal condition that related to the neurological disorder, in which a patient facing persistent attacks of seizures that can occur at any time in their life. Sometimes, this disorder is occurred due to the inherited cause, but the there is no actual cause of epilepsy. But there are some factors that involve in this condition like alcohol withdrawal, head injury, drug abuse, low blood sugar level and infections in brain.

Lyrica is one of the most easiest and prominent remedy that significantly provides relief from epilepsy and also helpful to enjoy a life with their loved ones.

Lyrica is an outstanding drug that successfully offers beneficial effect against the occurrence of epileptic disorders. This dosage form contains a synthetic derivative of neurotransmitter γ- amino butyric acid as a vital component, which is named as Pregabalin. This vital ingredient is a structural analogue of GABA, which is responsible to possess therapeutic action in the body.

This is an FDA approved drug that is available in oral capsules dosage form in various effective doses like 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 225 and 300 mg.


How Lyrica reveals its pharmacological action in the body?

This is a centrally acting drug that reveals its positive action in the patient by modulating the ion channel to cause anti convulsant, analgesic and anxiolytic effects. This drug acts by interacting with calcium channels on nerves to modify the neurotransmission between the brain and nerve ending that significantly reduces the message among nerves to conduct drug's effect on the convulsions.


In which conditions, Lyrica is prescribed?

This oral dosage form is majorly prescribed to rectify various neurological disorders like epilepsy and neuropathic pain associated with post herpetic neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy.

This drug is also used to treat fibromyalgia and generalized neuralgia.


How should you take Lyrica?

This is an oral drug that should be consumed along with plenty of drinking water. The suggested dose of this drug for treating epileptic disorders is 150 to 600 mg daily dose, but the patient must take this dose in 2 to 3 divided doses, as per the acceptability and tolerability of the patient. Patient should not take more than 600 mg dose of this drug in a day.  The dosing schedule of this dosage form is varying as per the medical condition of patient and response to the treatment. Dose adjustment is necessary to done before giving this drug to the patient with renal insufficiency.


Long term use or discontinued the therapy abruptly can develop withdrawal symptoms and physical dependence. So take this drug as per the mentioned conditions. To prevent such symptoms, you must reduce your dose gradually before ending the therapy.


What should you do in case of missed dose?

Don't take two doses, if it is become the time of next dose. You must skip the previous dose and take the rest doses on time.


What happens in case of overdose?

Taking an overdose of this drug can be dangerous to the health of an individual and is responsible to cause various unpleasant symptoms like hypertonicity, tachycardia and somnolence.


What are the minor side effects of Lyrica?

Poor coordination, dry mouth, excessive sleeping, confusion, vision problems, weight gain and trouble with memory.


Who should not take this drug?

  • This dosage form should be not be taken by an individual having medical problems like history of depression or suicidal thoughts, hypersensitivity problems with this drug and cardiovascular risk.
  • There are some drugs that can be interacted with this drug and alters the pharmacological response of each dosage form. These medicines are Benzodiazepines, Opioid or its derivatives, ACE inhibitors, Barbiturates or its derivatives and anti diabetic agents.


What are the safety measures while consuming Lyrica?

  • This drug should not be taken along with alcohol or its product due to severe toxicity.
  • This drug is cautiously used by the elder patients; as they are more sensitive to the side effects that may cause due to this dosage form.
  • Consumption of this drug is chiefly avoided by pregnant or lactating woman.


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