Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, which is also known as fits or convulsions and it affects your nervous system. A seizure is a disturbance of electrical activity in the brain, it may vary individual to individual. Mainly, two types of disorders are available like generalized seizures and partial seizures.

Partial seizures are also known as focal seizures, which happens in a specific part of the brain and may influence a specific portion of the body. Various symptoms of partial seizures include-

  • Repetitive motions
  • Emotional changes
  • Confusion
  • Tingling
  • Drowsiness

Generalized seizures occur all over the brain and it affects the entire region of the body. Main symptoms of generalized seizures are-

  • Stiffening of the body
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Biting of the tongue
  • Loss of consciousness

Main risk factors of seizures are:

  • Rapid increase fever (fever seizure)
  • Low blood sugar level
  • Brain damage due to stroke, brain surgery, or a head injury
  • Alcohol withdrawal, prescription medicine, or illegal drugs
  • Meningitis or encephalitis
  • Brain tumor or structural defect in the brain
  • Parasitic infection like tapeworm or toxoplasmosis

Functioning of Lyrica-

Lyrica is indicated to manage moderate to severe convulsions. Generic Pregabalin is a main pharmaceutical component found in Lyrica and it belongs to the category of Benzodiazepines. Pregabalin shows its therapeutic function by binding to calcium channels situated on nerves and may modify the release of neurotransmitters, decreases the interneuron communication, and postpones the impulse conduction in the brain. Finally, it reduces the nerve pain and seizures.


Lyrica is also used to handle the pain developed due to nerve damage due to diabetes (diabetic neuropathy) or to shingles (herpes zoster) infection.

 It is also effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Proper dosing of Lyrica-

Lyrica is available in the capsule formulation and its available doses are ranging from 25mg to 300mg. Lyrica capsule should be administered orally with a glassful of water.

  • Dose for neuropathic pain related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy: At the beginning time, the initial dose of Lyrica is 25mg and you can increase the dose up to 200mg within the same day.
  • For the treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia: The prescribed dose of Lyrica is 75 mg to 150 mg two times in a day. The dose of Lyrica may increase up to 600 mg/day in patients with ongoing pain and can tolerate 300 mg/day.
  • For the treatment of Fibromyalgia: The recommended dose of Lyrica is 50mg thrice a day and the maximum dose of Lyrica may increase up to 225 mg in a day.
  • For the treatment of partial seizures: An individual should take 150 mg to 600 mg of Lyrica in a day and should be given in 2-3 divided doses.

While administering Lyrica, you may suffer various adverse effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, difficulty in proper concentration, swelling of arms or legs, confusion, anxiety, hallucination, and weight gain.

Important things to be kept in mind while using Lyrica-

  • Children less than 18 years are not eligible for the intake of Lyrica.
  • It is strictly advised not to drive a vehicle or operate any machinery after consuming this medicine as it may induce drowsiness effects.
  • Do not take this drug in case of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Avoid using alcoholic beverages while taking Lyrica as it may aggravate the adverse effects of Lyrica.

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