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Adaferin Gel

Adaferin Gel


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Generic Adapalene is a topical medication, which comprises of generic Adaferin as a crucial component. This gel is used to heal severe acne. It may decrease the quantity and severity of acne and promote fast healing of pimples.

Mechanism of action of Adaferin gel

Generic Adapalene present in Adaferin gel belongs to a category of retinoid. This gel functions by affecting the growth of cells and reduces inflammation.

Use of Adaferin gel should be avoided in various conditions such as:

  • If a person is having hypersensitivity towards generic Adapalene, then you should not use this gel.
  • Pregnant or females planning to become pregnant should avoid use of this gel as it may show hazardous effect on the health of the fetus.
  • Lactating females should avoid use of this gel as it may pass through the breast milk and show harmful effect on the health of the infant.

Storage conditions of Adaferin gel

You should store this gel in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 250C. This medicine should be kept away from direct heat, light and moisture.

Procedure to use Adaferin gel

Adaferin gel should be applied once in a day, usually in the evening.  Before applying the medication, you should wash your face and hands thoroughly with mild cleanser and dry it completely. Now apply a thin layer of gel to the affected area or on the whole face and rub it with light hands in a circular motion so that the gel gets absorbed properly.  

If you forget to apply this gel, then you should apply it as soon as you remember and if it's time to apply next dose, then skip the missed dose and apply next dose.

Use of Adaferin may lead to various unwanted side effects such as hives, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the face, swelling of the tongue, swelling of the throat, inflammation and burning.

Important points to be kept in mind while using Adaferin gel are:

  • You should avoid going out in sun after applying this cream as it may lead to sun burn and for protecting your skin from the effect of sun you should use sunscreen or wear protective clothing.
  • You should avoid application of this cream on the broken area and to apply this gel until eruptions have healed.
  • You should avoid application of this cream to the skin that is sun burnt; wind burnt, chapped or irritated.
  • You should avoid use of this gel with skin products containing glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl and avoid use of harsh soaps, cleansers, shampoo, hair dye or products containing alcohol, astringents and lime.
  • You should keep yourself away from electrolysis, waxing and chemical depilatories for hair removal on the treated areas while using this product.

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