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Azilect (containing Generic Rasagiline) is prescribed to treat the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease (characterized by tremors, stiffness, poor muscle control or spasms). Rasagiline also offers a unique function of improving mood and age-related memory decline. This tablet can be used to treat the signs of idiopathic Parkinson's disorder as primary monotherapy and as an adjunct therapy to Levodopa. Absorption of this drug is quick; peak plasma concentrations are reached after about half an hour.

Working of Azilect:

Azilect is a potent, irreversible and selective monoamine oxidase-B (MAO-B) inhibitor and acts by enhancing the levels of certain chemicals in the brain. This drug leads to increase in levels of striatal dopamine produced from Levodopa and recovers the survival outlooks of dopaminergic neurons themselves. This in turn helps in restoring a measure of usual gait, locomotion, and coordination in patients suffering from Parkinson's disorder while delaying their physical decline.

Dosage of Azilect:

Take 1mg Azilect tablet one time in a day. Remember to swallow it whole with a glass full of water without breaking or crushing it. You can take this tablet with or without food and at any time of day. You will get the most profit if you consume it at the same time every day. This can also aid in remembering to take it.

Contraindications of Azilect:

Azilect is not suitable if you:

  • Are consuming any other drug belonging to the same class as Rasagiline (i.e. a monoamine oxidase type B inhibitor).
  • Are consuming certain antidepressant drugs, including St John’s wort.
  • Have a trouble with your liver.

Azilect Drug Interactions:

There are some drugs that should not be taken along with Azilect as they increase or decrease the potency of Azilect, these may include:

  • Certain cold, cough and flu medications (including eye drops or nasal drops) such as Dextromethorphan, or Phenylephrine
  • Antihistamines such as Cimetidine
  • Antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin, or Linezolid
  • Painkillers like Pethidine, Methadone, or Tramadol
  • Other mental illness medicines such as Selegiline

Precautions and Warnings:

  • Avoid too much quantities of tyramine-rich food (aged cheese, soy sauce, tofu broad bean pods or red wines) along with Azilect.
  • Avoid giving this tablet to a pregnant or breast-feeding female.
  • If you have or ever had a hypersensitive reaction to Rasagiline, do not take this medication.

Important side effects to consider of Azilect Generic Rasagiline:

Common side effects that occur in patients consuming this medicine include depression, flu-like symptoms, weight loss or anorexia, joint pain, fast heartbeat, indigestion, nausea/vomiting, unpredictable movements or muscle spasms and/or headache.

Missed dose of Azilect Generic Rasagiline :

If you miss a dose of Azilect, you are advised to consume the missed dose the moment you remember. If it's approximately the time for your subsequent dose, you may skip the missed dose. But remember not to double your dose to make up for a missed dose.


Overdose symptoms of this drug may include hypomania, dysphoria (profound state of dissatisfaction or uneasiness), and hypertensive crisis and serotonin syndrome. If you experience any of these symptoms, inform your physician right away before these get worse.

Storage conditions:

Azilect must be stored at room temperature below 30oC away from the reach of heat, light and moisture. Also protect it from the reach of children.

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