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Buy Himalaya Brahmi for Increase Alertness

Buy Himalaya Brahmi for Increase Alertness

Bacopa Monnieri

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Ayurvedic therapies have a very important role for the treatment of cognitive disorders.  Brahmi (Bacopa Monniera) is a herbal product which has a long history of use in the Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of a number of disorders, particularly those involving anxiety, intellect, and poor memory. Due to its active constituents such as alkaloids, steroidal saponins, bacosides A and B. Bacopa Monniera can be used for the treatment of various diseases.  This drug is also used as brain tonic, cardiotonic, diuretic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant as well as memory enhancer.

This drug is also suggested for the treatment of backache problems, epilepsy, joint pain, hoarseness, mental illness, and sexual performance in both men and women. It is also sometimes used as a “water pill.”

Bacopa Monniera is also known as Brahmi, or the “herb of grace,” a creeping vine which occurs in marshlands.

Mechanism of action of Bacopa Monniera

Bacopa belongs to a group of plant medicines known as Medhya Rasayana. The exact mechanism of Bacopa Monniera is not clear, but the study suggests that the different tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins of Bacopa shows action to overcome intellect, thinking, learning, memory, and psychoneuro disorders.

Contents of Bacopa Monniera:

Different quantities of centella asiatica, convolvulus pluricaulis, acorus calamus, black peeper, gavajava, swarna makshik bhasma, jatamansi decoction are used for the preparation of this memory-enhancing product.

How to use Bacopa Monniera

This is an orally administered drug and the recommended dose for improving memory and thinking is 300 mg Brahmi extract per day for 12 weeks.

What are the Precautions of taking Bacopa Monniera?

  • Check the label information before administration
  • Take this medicine alongwith food otherwise it will cause stomach upset

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