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Climax Spray for Men

Climax Spray for Men

Climax Spray - Lidocaine

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Generic Lidocaine contains local anesthetic property. Climax Men Spray is used on the fore skin of penile so that you can enjoy your physical intercourse. This spray helps to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The area to apply the spray should be clean and dry. The spray gets easily absorbed into the skin because the area of the penile skin is very soft and permeable. It starts its working in 1-2 minutes.

Mechanism of action of Climax spray

Ejaculation occurs as the effect of spiritual and somatic impulses. Climax Spray increase the total time of intercourse ensuring the female orgasm to bring out an overall pleasure for both female and male partners. Climax Spray inhibits the Ionic fluxes or stabilizes the neuronal membrane, which is essential for the initiation and conduction of impulses. Thus Climax Spray helps in getting a satisfactory intimacy session for both the partners.

Contraindications of climax spray

  • This medication is not prescribed for the patients who are suffering from painfull erection.
  • This spray is not meant for use in women. If there is any wound or damage to the affected area, then do not use this spray.
  • Patients who are hypersensitive towards the generic Lidocaine and other inactive components of the drug should not take this medication.
  • Avoid using this spray if you are using other medicine for erectile dysfunctions or premature ejaculation.
  • Patients who are suffering from cardiac disorder should not use this medication.
  • If you are suffering from bleeding disorder then do not take this medication.

Drug interaction of Climax spray

These medication shows interaction when used in the combination of climax spray:
Tocainide, and Nicardipine, Cimetidine (anti-ulcer drug) and beta blockers like Atenolol, Metoprolol, and Timolol.

Dosage instruction of Climax spray

Shake well the container prior to every application and hold it about 4 inches away from the tip of the penile area pointing the spray nozzle towards the area of application. Then press the nozzle to deliver the product. Do this process 2-3 times during one application. After the physical intercourse, the penile region should be wiped with cotton or soft cloth. The maximum recommended dose is 10 sprays to reach the desired target.

In case of missing dose of Climax spray

This drug is used only when you are going to perform physical intercourse, so there is no chance for the missed dose.

In case of overdose of Climax spray

An overdose of this drug is fatal for life, which results in a prolonged and painful erection. Immediately inform your doctor or physician.

Storage instruction of Climax spray

The Climax men spray is stored under the temperature of 15 to 30°C. Protect it from heat and moisture. Don’t flush the container or burn it. Keep this drug away from kids.

Side effects of climax spray

Anxiety, sleepiness, tension, giddiness, seizures, confusion, hypesthesia, loss of consciousness, respiratory dejection, indolence, slurred speech, hallucinations.

Precautions of Climax spray

  • This spray is not to be used in the female.
  • Don't use this drug near the fire as it is flammable.
  • Stop applying this spray if skin irritation occurs.
  • The age limit for individual to use this drug is above the age of 18 years.

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