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Generic Masterone - Drostolone Propionate - Drostoprime

Generic Masterone - Drostolone Propionate - Drostoprime

Drostolone Propionate 150mg per 1ml

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Masterone contains Drostolone Propionate as its main component and is used to reduce the levels of cholesterol. It is also used in the treatment of certain cancers as an anti-neoplastic agent. Drostolone comes under another brand name of Drostoprime.

What is the mechanism of action of Drostolone Propionate?

Drostolone functions by binding to a receptor and enhancing the process of protein synthesis (Anabolism). It reduces the process of amino acid degradation (Catabolism). It also inhibits the prolactin or estrogen receptor that is responsible for its anti-neoplastic action. 

What are the Drug Interactions of Masterone?

The use of Masterone is not suggested with drugs like herbal medicines, over the counter drugs, vitamins, etc.

What are the Contraindications of Drostoprime?

The use of this medication is not meant for children. Do not take Drostoprime, if you are allergic to Drostolone Propionate or related compounds.

How to store Drostolone Propionate?

Drostolone Propionate should be stored at room temperature away from the reach of heat and moisture.

How to take Masterone?

Masterone is to be taken as an injection. The dose of this drug depends on the intensity and severity of the disorder. It may be used in combination with other drugs to treat breast cancer.

What to do in case of Missed-dose?

In case you forget to take a dose of this drug, take it as soon as possible. Do not take two doses of the drug at the same time.

What to do in case of Over-dose?

Avoid taking this drug in more than directed doses as it may produce bad effects.

What are the adverse effects of Drostoprime?

The adverse effects of Drostoprime are hair loss, acne, reduction in HDL, increase in LDL, nausea, etc.

What precautions should be followed while using Masterone?

The effects of the medication depend of duration of the treatment and period of administration. The threat of virilization becomes greater with high doses and constant use.

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