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Pain-O-Soma 350MG online buy @ Cheap Price

CARISOPRODOL (kar-eye-soe-PROE-dole) 350mg

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Pain-o-soma 350mg contains Carisoprodol as its chief ingredient that acts as a Skeletal muscle Relaxant. It is used as an oral analgesic to get quick relief from pain. (Musculoskeletal pain)

How does Carisoprodol functions?

Carisoprodol is a skeletal muscle relaxant that inhibits the painful nerve conduction between the spinal cord and the brain.

What are the contraindications of Pain-o-soma 350mg?

  • The patients who suffer from chronic liver or kidney impairment are not advised to take this drug.  
  • The use of Pain-o-soma 350mg is contraindicated in patients who are sensitive to Carisoprodol or other Skeletal Muscle Relaxants. 

What are the Drug Interactions of Pain-o-soma 350mg?

The simultaneous intake of few drugs is not advised with Pain-o-soma 350mg such as other tranquilizers, sedatives, skeletal muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, etc as it can result in negative effects.

How to store Pain-o-soma 350mg?

Pain-o-soma 350mg should be stored at room temperature. Keep it away from the reach of moisture and heat.  

What is the correct dosage of Pain-o-soma 350mg?

Pain-o-soma 350mg tablet is to be swallowed with water. It can be taken with or without food.

What to do in case of missed-dose?

In case you skip a dose of Pain-o-soma 350mg, take it as soon as you remember. Do not take two doses of this drug at the same time.

What happens in case of over-dose?

Do not consume more than 1400mg of Carisoprodol in 24 hours as it can result in over-dosing. Do not use this drug continuously for more than 3 weeks as it can result in addiction.

What are the unwanted effects of Pain-o-soma 350mg?

The unwanted effects of Pain-o-soma 350mg are dizziness, nausea, Blurred vision, allergic reactions, etc.

What are the precautions of Pain-o-soma 350mg?

Avoid taking this drug with alcohol as it can potentiate its harmful effects. The use of Pain-o-soma should not be stopped suddenly as it can result in withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, drowsiness, etc.

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