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Buy Retino A Cream 0.025%

Buy Retino A Cream 0.025%

Tretinoin Cream 0.025% - Retino A

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Tretinoin is an active key component that belongs to the class of medication called Retinoid. This medication is successfully used in the treatment of acne by decreasing the number and the severity of a pimple and also helps acne to heal quickly. It works by replacing the old dead skin cells with new skin cells.

How this medication works?

Tretinoin is metabolic of Vitamin A which causes dead skin cells to split and die rapidly and finally results in increasing the cells turnover. It also changes the keratinization of cells that decreases the formation of   comedones. In the patients, new cells replace the older existing pimple cells and the turnover of cells avoids new cells to form a pimple. By the same mode of action, this medication also helps to prevent darken skin area.

Who should not use this medication?

  • Do not apply this cream if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this cream as it can cause birth defects.
  • Do not use it on the eczematous skin as it can cause severe irritation.
  • If you have perioral dermatitis, do not apply this cream.
  • Never use this medication if you have a personal or family history of cutaneous epithelioma.

What are the drugs that can interact with Tretinoin?

Avoid using abrasive soaps, cosmetics items that have strong drying effects and that are produced by a strong alcohol concentration, cleansers, lime and spices are used carefully.

Do not apply this cream if you are using any other preparations that contain salicylic acid, resorcinol and sulfur as they can cause severe side effects.

How to store this Cream?

Store this cream at proper room temperature. Keep away from excess heat and moisture. Gel products can be easily flammable so keep this medication away from the fire.

How to apply this Cream?

Apply this cream once in a day where the acne lesions appear. Use sufficient amount of cream to cover the entire area. Before applying, wash your hands and the affected area with clean water and then apply the cream. The application can cause slightly stinging so you can reduce the frequency of application and later it can be increased when you are able to tolerate the treatment.

In case of missed dose, apply as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next application then skip the previous one and carry on with your regular application.

In case of overdose, no better result is obtained. If applied excess it can cause redness of the skin, discomfort and peeling skin.

What are the side effects that could be faced after applying this Cream?

Tretinoin can cause some common side effects such as peeling, sensitivity to light, redness of skin, skin irritation, difficulty breathing, tightening of the chest, hives, crusting of skin, etc.

What are the safety precautions that must be followed while using this medication?

  • Avoid applying this cream on the sun burned area.
  • Avoid excess exposure to the wind as it can irritate your skin.
  • Do not move out in the hot sun as it can cause severe irritation. Use protective cloth or sunscreens while moving out in the hot sun.

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