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Xylocaine spray

Play Longer Spray - Xylocaine Spray

Xylocaine spray-play longer

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Xylocaine spray is applied just before the intimacy session on the penile skin of male. The skin of penile area is very soft and permeable for this spray so it is absorbed faster through the penile skin. The sexual dysfunction occurs due to many reasons such as alcoholism, the habit of smoking, renal and hepatic disorders, and other health sickness problem. This Xylocaine spray helps in managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculations in males.

Mechanism of action of Xylocaine spray

It anesthetizes the penile area and works by inhibiting the ionic fluxes or by sensitizing the neuronal membrane which is required for the initiation and conduction of impulses. It also helps in maintaining the erection longer and harder.  It shows its action after 1 to 2 minutes.

Contraindications of Xylocaine Spray

Xylocaine spray is highly contraindicated if used under certain medical conditions:

Do not apply this spray if you allergic to the generic Xylocaine and other inactive ingredients of the drug.

Patients those who are suffering from Bradycardia, heart failure, epilepsy, myasthenia gravis and porphyrias should avoid using this spray.

Do not take this drug if you are already taking some other drugs for the erectile dysfunction

If the patient has a painful erection then this spray is also not given.

Drug Interactions of Xylocaine Spray

The drug interactions of Xylocaine spray are given below:

Local anesthetic drugs (Astracaine, Marcaine), Anti-ulcer drugs (Cimetidine, Ranitidine)Anti-arrhythmic drugs ( Nicardipine , and amlodipine), Beta blockers drugs( Atenolol, Timolol).

Method of administration of Xylocaine spray

Follow these instructions before its use;

Shake well before use. Clean the area to be applied and then apply the spray in the penile region and massage to absorb the whole spray lotion through the penile skin. The maximum dose is 10 spray.

In case of missing dose of Xylocaine spray

This spray should be used just 30 minutes before the physical intercourse. Do no need to worry about the missed dose. Don’t take the double dose to catch the missing dose.

In Case of overdose of Xylocaine Spray

It may be intentional or accidental. The symptoms of this spray are; painful and longer erection. To recover from this pain, immediately inform to the doctor.

Storage conditions of Xylocaine spray

The Xylocaine spray is to be stored under the room temperature.  Do not place it near flame and protect it from heat and light. Properly throw away the container when it is not in use.

Side effects of Xylocaine spray

The most common side effects of Xylocaine spray are:

 Skin redness, itching of skin, puffiness on the face, mouth, lips and tongue, trouble in  breathing, irregular heartbeat and seizures, headache, nausea, and sensation of heat, sleepiness, giddiness, chest pain , hypotension, edema, arrhythmias, and the blurring of the vision.

Precautions of Xylocaine spray

  • The age limit for an individual to use this drug is above 18 years.
  • One should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption while using this drug. 
  • A person should avoid the spray contact with mouth, eyes and nose. 

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